Basecamp - Inbar

In the North we stayed at the smallest Kibbutz in Israel, Inbar – with only 7 members. It was a great spot. 

Galilee and the Coast

During the first week we plan to head up to the Galilee where we will be visiting Archaeological sites in the North

Chorazin, Bethsaida and Capernaum

These cities were the cities of the fishermen where Christ performed many miracles, but their history spans way before that! Exciting excavations have taken place since were were last there – including the discovery of the city gate at Bethsaida.


Hazor was the royal city that ruled over the area of the Galilee when Joshua and Israel first conquered the land. The ruins date back to this time, including the temple structure and altar. There are also excavations dating to the time of King Solomon when it was a store city. We also took a trip on the Galilee and had time for a quick foot dip after.

Laish & Tel Dan

Tel Dan has had an illustrious history, dating from the time of Abraham when it was called Laish, to the place where Jereboam built an altar and temple (visible today).  It also is in Israel’s far north and remnants of the 6-Day War can be seen today. We walked through the headwaters of the Jordan.

Caesarea Philippi

 The latest city was Caesarea Philippi,  it’s New Testament name, where Christ and the disciples frequented.

Ein Harrod, Megiddo, Zippora and Tel Israel: Ahab & Jezebel's city.

Ein Harrod is the spring (ein) where Gideon took his soldiers, and God reduced their numbers down to 300. Megiddo is the ancient Israelitish city where Josiah was slain, Zippora is an ancient city full of mosaics, and Tel Israel is the city of Ahab and Jezebel, where their palace was – a palace that can be seen today.

Mt Tabor, Gilboa, Gan Hash and BethShan

We travelled up Mt. Tabor where Deborah and Barak fought and got to see the lay of the land. We journeyed up Mt. Gilboah where Sauls final battle was, where we arranged an Israeli jet flyby. We took Lunch at a local swimming hole, and ended the day in Bethshan where the ruins dated from Saul through the Roman era. 

Mt Carmel, Atlit & Caesarea Maritima

On Friday, we travelled to Caesarea Maritime, Herod’s palace on the sea. On the way we stopped at Mt. Carmel where the great contest took place between Elijah and the prophets of Baal in Ahab’s day. We then travelled to Atlit, a British camp that was used to imprison migrants who were escaping the holocaust and were captured entering Palestine. This was a moving site and we saw the boats that the immigrants came on, full of hope of the promised land. We ended the day in Caesarea Martitima where Herod imprisoned the Apostle Paul. The palace ruins and surrounding complex are still visible today. It was here we bid goodbye to our guide for the north, Yoni.

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