God willing, a Youth Conference study tour of the Promised Land is being organized for two weeks in the spring of 2019, God willing. The proposed dates for the first conference are for the group to land in Tel Aviv on Sunday April 7th 2019, and to fly home on Sunday April 21st, 2019. Our goal in choosing these dates is to miss the heat of Israel, but also not to land our tour during Ramadan or Passover.


This is a tour of the land designed to bring the Bible to life. We will be visiting Bible places we have read about since children. We will be looking at the archeological evidence that has been left behind that will help us envision life in Bible times. We will also be looking at the fulfillment of prophecy and seeing how God’s hand is currently at work in the Nation of Israel, in preparation for the coming kingdom of God.

The tour will be limited to approximately 50 with chaperons/study leaders (basically, a bus full). The target is Christadelphian young people aged 18-30 years (including married couples), whether baptised or not. The goal is to make the Promised Land Youth Conference as affordable as possible. The tour is geared to bring young people from Christadelphian communities around the world to the land of Israel for an intense study and tour of the land.

The tour would include accommodation in a kibbutz and a guest house. This is a Youth Conference style tour and therefore it will require “all hands on deck.” We will be having simple meals, cooking for ourselves for the most part to keep costs to a minimum. This tour is not designed to be a culinary tour of Israel. Lunch will be packed sandwiches as we want to pack in as much touring as we can!

Areas We Plan on Going

 This conference is a study tour and the trip will encompass the following general areas:

  • the coastal plain
  • the Jezreel Valley
  • the Galilee
  • the Golan Heights
  • the Jordan Valley
  • the Dead Sea
  • Jerusalem
  • Judea and Samaria
Click on any of the areas to see the where we plan on going.

Galilee & The Coast

2015 Trip

This is the second Promised Land Youth Conference. The first was held in 2015, and a video put together by the attendees gives you a flavour of the trip.

Fellowship Policy

Promised Land Youth Conference welcomes all Christadelphian young people to participate. All those brethren and sisters who fellowship consistently on the basis of the BASF (Birmingham Amended Statement of Faith) are welcome to partake of the bread and wine at the memorial meetings.

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