evidence of archaeology

See the evidence recently uncovered of the Biblical Sodom – a testimony against the world that then was, and of the age that we currently live in.  Journey with Dr. Stephen Collins to see Abraham’s day.

The evidence of the Israelites conquest of Canaan is found in the book of Joshua, but also buried in the sands of the land of Israel. Consider the evidence uncovered in Hazor.  

Following the split of the Kingdom of Israel into two, the northern kingdom of Samaria went astray under the leadership of king Jeroboam. See the evidence of his temple city in the north of Israel in Tel Dan.

Jerusalem is the city chosen by our God to put his name there. Take a walk through the ages as we consider the development of Jerusalem from Abraham’s time to David, Solomon, Hezekiah and the Babylonian invasion. 

The Lord spent much of his time in Galilee. The cities of Chorazin and Bethsaida have been uncovered and stand as a testimony of New Testament Times, but also have evidence of the kingdom of Israel in the past

Join Frank Abel as he takes us through the story of the Dead Scrolls and the gripping tale that has been left hidden for millenia, to be uncovered at the very point of Israel’s rebirth.

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