Bible essentials

Wide Margin Bible

The best part about PLYC is being able to take your study home with you. We will have opportunity to mark some of the places you’ve been to in your Bible. Plus, our Bible Places Study should end up in your bible. It is highly recommended that you have a wide margin bible with you.

Travel Bible

It is also recommended that you bring a travel bible with you. Many people like to use their phone, but we will be in remote areas and you will not have cell reception. A pocket Bible is a great tool for each day. 

Bible Marking Pens

We recommend the Pigma Micron 005 Bible Marking pens as they have been proven not to bleed through.  This is for your permanent Bible Marking once you are confident in what you want to commit to your pages for good.

Bible Marking Pencils

Not everything should be permanent. We recommend a good mechanical bible marking pencil for notes you want to put into your bible and double check later on. 

Coloured pencils are also recommended for shading and underlining. We have found the Pilot Colour Eno Erasable Mechanical Pencils very reliable and helpful in this regard. Coloured pencil sets are also really good… but don’t buy a cheep kind as they will not work well. 

Hymn Book

Make sure you bring a hymn book as we do plan on using our voices. A travel size hymn book is probably best to save on space. 


Daily Travel Gear

Small, light backpack. A sling pack is recommended, or a “camel” pack that carries water.

Sturdy hook on water bottle (bottled water is cheap enough that it is often more convenient to just buy the occasional bottle and carry it in your back pack)

Sunglasses – Definitely a good idea to have a pair of shades with you. 

Head mounted flashlight (Hezekiah’s tunnel)

Decent Hiking Shoes

It is highly recommended that you have a decent pair of hiking shoes. The ground is uneven and it is uphill, both ways for most of the trip. High tops are probably better for ankle support. 


A strap on sandal is recommended as we will be hopping in the dead sea, which can be very rough on the feet, and walking through Hezekiah’s tunnel. Flip flops will not give you support or stay on your feet in these cases. You do not want to ruin your trip with a sprained ankle.

Digtial Camera



A good camera will help you capture your memories and bring them home to your family, CYC and ecclesia. 

Memory Cards
Make sure you bring plenty of memory cards

Extra Batteries

Yes, you will run out of power so invest in a couple of extra batteries.


The batteries will get you through the first day, but you’ll need a charger to get you through the trip…. don’t forget it!


And without an adaptor the charger will be useless because Israel runs on a different power system than North America and other parts of the world. 

You can bring your cell phone but remember to check your plan. You may be able to take photos with it, but may not be able to use it unless you have a plan in Israel. If your family back home is relying on your cell phone to communicate with you – remember this will need to be addressed ahead of time. 

You an also get a SIM card for Israel fairly cheep which you can insert into your phone, but check before you go.

suggested Clothing

Please remember that we are visiting a Middle Eastern country, and although it is very Westernized in many parts there will be days where we have to be more conscious not to offend. Having said that, it will be too difficult to make sure we fit in (and do not worry, you do not have to wear long pants/trousers and a long shirt for two weeks!).

Another point to note is that packing light is a good idea – you can always hand wash while you are there. The more things you pack, the more things you have to leave behind, especially as we will be moving between two different sites.

  • loose fitting t-shirts (must cover the shoulders)
  • 1/2 longsleeve shirts/tops
  • 1 pair pants/trousers (suitable for a breaking of bread) (Gents)
  • 3 pairs capris/long shorts (close to or at the knee
  • min 6/7 pairs underwear
  • min 6/7 pairs socks
  • 1 sweatshirt (for the airport
  • 1 bathing suit/swimming costume (no two piece, consider board shorts and a rash vest, or equivalent
  • 1/2 headscarves (ladies)
  • 3/4 lightweight skirts (to the knee) (ladies)
  • 1 pair sneakers/trainers
  • 1 pair walking shoes
  • 1 pair sandals (preferably with a back so they do not slip off in the Dead Sea
  • 1 adventure hat
  • 1 pair pyjamas
  • 1 bathing towel
  • 1 beach towel (this is for the beach/Dead Sea)


Your passport should be valid until 6 months following the return date (so October 25, 2019). If it expires before then you will need to renew it prior to the trip. 

You should have a photocopy of your passport too, just in case you lose it!

Due to the nature of the trip, there is a possibility that we may have to delay or even cancel the tour. If there is a concern within 90 days of the tour date then the majority of the deposits are reclaimable, however please be aware that in extenuating circumstances these may not be recoverable, and only the recoverable portion will be refunded.

We hope to travel into the Westbank from our base in Jerusalem at some point during the trip. While we will be monitoring the situation carefully, we do understand that some attendees might be uncomfortable with this portion of the trip. Should you desire to remain in Jerusalem during this portion of the trip, you will be allowed to do this and take advantage of many of the other places that could be visited

All activities scheduled for the trip are subject to change due to the volatile nature of the Middle East. Each day an assessment will be made of the situation and only safe areas will be travelled to. There will always be a certain degree of risk traveling in Israel.It is recommended that all attendees obtain travel insurance to assist in the case of cancellations.
Attendees are responsible for booking their own flights. Once all attendees are registered you may be asked to book a specific flight from your country of origin in order to ensure that all attendees reach Tel Aviv at manageable times. If you book a flight that does not reach Tel Aviv in the required timeframe then it will be your own responsibility to arrange transport to reach the Kibbutz. Further information on flights will be given closer to the departure date.

Medical Insurance is also a must. Food poisoning, undiscovered allergies, trips, falls, or previous undetected illnesses can require a trip to the hospital. Medical insurance is a must to make sure you have coverage while away. Proof of insurance is also required.

US Cash 200


Eating Out

We will be eating out some times during our trip. This will be more prevalent in Jerusalem. There will be several lunches and suppers that will require you to have some extra funds. 

Cab/Train Fare

There will opportunity for exploring Jerusalem (in groups) which might require some cab or train fair to save your legs.

A $100 US budget is suggested for the above items.

Spending Money

You will also want some spending money while we are there for things you may want to purchase and bring back.


Israeli shekels are the standard currency. 

Traveler’s checks are NOT very welcome

USA currency spends as well as their own

Credit Cards:
It is advisable to have a credit card when travelling for unforeseen circumstances. Visa & MasterCard credit cards are welcome most places, American Express or Discover are NOT always accepted. 


personals Essentials


Personal Hygiene Items

Your travelling companions will appreciate it if you bring some personal hygiene items and toiletries. 

  • Deodorant
  • Shampoo
  • Soap/shower gel
  • Shaving gear
  • Sink Plug (universal)
  • Hand Washing liquid
  • Hand Sanitizor



Spare Glasses

If you wear glasses, make sure you bring a second pair (even your last prescription if you don’t have two). This way if you break or lose your glasses you wont be seeing men walking as trees.

Contact Lenses

Make sure you bring plenty of solution and spare lenses… along with a back up pair of glasses. You don’t want to miss out because of an eye infection.



Over-the-counter medications

  • Diarrhea medication (immodium)
  • Nausea medication (Pepto-Bismol tablets or the like.
  • Benadryl for allergic reactions
  • Travel sickness medication if you are susceptible to this.
  • Headache Medicines – remember brands will be totally different in Israel

First Aid

Basic personal first-aid items for daily use

  • band-aids
  • elastic wraps
  • joint braces (especially if you are suceptible to ankle weakness)
  • moleskin or corn pads

Sunscreen and after-burn 

Sunscreen is a must. The Middle East is hot even in April, and the UV can be very high. After burn might also be a good idea if you are susceptible to burns.


Spinner Suitcase

Travel Luggage

Main Luggage

Be sure that you weigh your suitcase after it is packed and then check your luggage allowance on your airline’s website so you avoid any fees at the airport. Remember to check all your airlines if you have any stops on your flight, as each airline may have different restrictions, especially if you are travelling through Europe on the way

Remember to leave a little extra space for anything you want to bring back from Israel.

A helpful comment about carry-on versus check-through luggage

Airlines have become VERY picky about how much luggage you can carry onto the plane. It is almost impossible to get by with just a carry-on bag anymore. Most airlines allow a maximum of one relatively small carry-on bag, plus a personal bag (such as purse, backpack or computer briefcase). So, most of us will have to check a bag and risk having the bag get lost. If that happens (rarely, but it HAS happened to a few of travelers heading to the Middle East, especially those with tight connections where bags may not get transferred), you may have to live with what is in your carry-on bag for up to several days. Assume that you will have to get by for the ENTIRE trip with what you can carry onto the plane, just in case your check-through bag is lost

Wear your hiking shoes (easy to do if you have a pair that looks like regular shoes) on the plane so you will have them for touring in the event your check-through bag is lost. You can always buy a pair of cheap sandals for the evenings but it is impossible to buy decent walking shoes after we arrive.


On the Go Bag

You will want a back pack for each day on the bus to carry your essentials (camera, water bottle, travel bible, deodorant etc.). This can be your hand luggage on the plane too. 

Neck Pillow

It is recommended for the flight (albeit not necessary) that you bring a blow up neck pillow. Usually it is a long haul, and you’ll want to get some sleep as we’ll be arriving in Israel during the day. 



Granola/Protein Bars

There may be times where you will have to grab an energy/protein/granola bar because dinner will be late, early or light. Please keep this in mind, as we will not have many snacks provided and you may not have the chance to visit a supermarket/store!

  • Energy bars/granola bars (enough for 1 a day, just in case)
  • Your favorite snacks
  • Tea bags and coffee (regular tea is provided)
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